Thursday, March 20, 2008

Olympic 2008 - Something not to miss!

I received a video from my sister this afternoon. It is about a new sport to be introduced in the upcoming Olympic 2008!


That was just a joke. It is just 141 more days to Beijing Olympic 2008!

Tickets are on hot sales now! I was very surprised to find out that the tickets prices are still available and they are affordable too! For instance, for basketball game, the most expensive tickets cost RYB 1000 and the cheapest tickets cost RYB 50.

Try to compare with this :

Two of my friends are going for a football match end of this month and each ticket costs them >200 GBP. @_@

Some say that beijing national stadium looks like a bird nest. You should really take a look.

Download of wallpaper and animation are available here.

At times, a 6 year old can really impress me alot.

Take a look at my sifu solving rubic cubes :

OMGGGGGGG!!!! Im pretty sure that it is true. And it is possible. This 6 year old small boy too geng dy larh.

Rubic cubes is a mechanical cubes where each face is covered by nine stickers of one of six solid colours. When the puzzle is solved, each face of the Cube is a solid colour.

I learnt rubic cubes from my 13year old cousin 2 years ago. Im trying hard to master the easiest ways in solving the cubes. The world fastest record for solving the cubes is LESS THAN 10 secs.

"The current world records for both average and single times were set by Edouard Chambon in 2008, he set an average of 11.48 seconds and a best time of 9.18 on February 23, 2008 at Murcia Open 2008."

Everybody can learn rubic cubes. Dont ever look down on your inner talents. Even 3 year old can solve it in 114 seconds. WTF ohhh?

I tried very hard. I played with my cubes at least once daily. And my best time was doubled of this 3 year old kid. OMG!

And do you still remember Conni Talbot, who made herself into the final in Britains Got Talent Show?

AWwwwww...SO sweet!


yieng said...

lol..those rubik cubes, they have the alogarithm you know. once you've learn them, you can solve them dy..can search from youtube..hee

ti3nD said...

aikss.. u go learn, and make sure u challenge ME when u are here later on :P