Saturday, March 08, 2008

Movie Review : AVP 2


Lets welcome the PREDALION -

which is a hybrid of the two alien races that was spawned

Director: Colin Strause, Greg Strause aka "The Brothers Strause"

Cast : Reiko Aylesworth, Steven Pasquale, John Ortiz, Johnny Lewis, Ariel Gade

Studio:20th Century Fox

Release Date:December 25, 2007

Duration : 86mins

Sequel to the 2004 hit featuring the title characters from the Alien and Predator franchises, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem tells what happens when a Predator scout ship crashes in a Colorado town. The Aliens on board escape and kill all of the Predators but save one.
The last remaining Predator must now do battle with the Aliens as well as the gruesome and terrifying Predalien ... a hybrid of the two alien races that was spawned in the first film....

The battle between Predalion and Predators and against human, who will win?

Good show. I like it. Wmeng and i spend the 80mins watching the dvd version of it in the living room. Go watch it. Look forward to AVP3 bah, ang moh movies always like that, no ending wan!!!

Rating : 7.5/10

watch the trailer here

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