Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Introducing to you - Canadian Lobster

While i was cooking my pasta, i saw a big empty box labelled - Whole Canadian LOBSTER.

Oimeh!!? So i thought to myself. "Hmm, is it vyeaw who bought it? Or is it Sjian who bought it?"
So i continued to kepoh a little bit more about it by asking hsheong lorh. And when i opened the fridge later on, i saw this HUGE-adorable-and-look-yummy LOBSTER!


I remembered i saw this big lobster from jocelyn's blog before, but today i saw it in the fridge of my own unit! Wooohooooo~

Wowww... look at that - Uncle Lim raised his arm to show a victory sign "im not gg-ied, yet!" :)

Take a closer look at the big monster, to be gg-ied...

And we realised that his left arm was bigger than the left arm by a few inches. Is he left-handed? or is he just an abnormal lobster? opps!

I have no idea where to get them, yet. But i have made a deal with my sah poh that i will cook her lobster if she promised to.... :)

- That is Our Deal -

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