Saturday, March 08, 2008

Good news? hopefully...

Good news brought to you guys by AM wooww woooww...

"Pharmaceutical Care - Assignment deadline
Dear student,
It has been brought to my attention that Friday 21st March is a holiday and that the University will be closed on that day. Due to the excellent negotiation (nagging) skills of C.M. I am delighted to inform you that the deadline will be extended till 1700 Tuesday 25th March."

Yippppeee! another 4days extension for 2pharm care essays! :)

On the other hand, some students failed to turn up during the delayed pharm care presentation the other day. A notice was posted on spider following the presentation session.

"Pharmaceutical Care - group M non-attenders
Could I request that the students who failed to appear to the compulsory feedback session yesterday all attend my office, SIB 601N, today at 1300 to account for their non-attendance and to discuss the pathway that will be followed as a consequence of this."

Even if you present him a valid reason, he still argued with his full 'rights'. One emailed him and showed him the vomit collected one day earlier (walaoyeah, OIMEH, yeah damn true), but woow woow still shoot back with his powerful/possesive/beautiful english. In the end, all were blamed for ffk-ing the woow woow and were punished to complete an essay entitled 'what is prefesionalism to you blah blah blah..."

Today is a very big day for all malaysian. It is the day of 12th general election in malaysia!!!!!! It was ended at 5pm today. And the RESULTS will be out in about 15mins!!!!!!! omG...though i know amost nothing about politic. yeah noob. but im quite kan cheong now lerh!!!!!!!!!!!

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