Thursday, March 27, 2008

Engineers theories for Women

Received another interesting forwarded email this afternoon.

5 simple theory to define woman by Engineers : -

We just need one switch to turn on a Men but the opposite for a Woman.

Guys - One switch, on or off, simple enough!
Gals - Multiple switches. Complex and if make mistake during any step, GG.

What does shopping means to you?
Guys - Go into a shop, grab the stuffs and pay money at the counter.
Gals - Go into a shop, try THEM, leave shop and go to another shop. Try them, compare them and repeat the whole process again and again. Some say women are able to walk up to a total of 10km just for shopping in one day.

Behind every successful men, there must be a woman behind him.
We need them to give us support, to make our life complete.
They can be 'hazardous' but they are essential for every men.

It is really hard to understand woman.
E= mc2, no doubt that many of us actually understand Albert Einstein's famous equation for mass energy. But women = problems??? How do we justify on that?

The chances of any guy to win an arguement decreases over time.
It really doesnt matter who win over an arguement. But what is important is what we win and we we lose.

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