Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beach Vb @ shah alam

We booked the volleyball court last evening but we cant set up the net. It was delayed for at least 15mins but we were given extra half an hour to play. The gym staffs got quite frustrated but she + he both helped us to set up the net in the end.

It has been 1 and half year since i last touched volleyball. The last time was during IMU cup 2006.

Back to 25th August 2005, i played beach volleyball for the first time. And it was my first official volleyball (Vb) game too! We sah sah de go take part because qris former coach invited her to make up enough participants for the competition. And we were told that all are noobies, like us.

Qris, Joanne, Jian n I -

And so we are ready to go.

However, it wasnt true. There are many good players in this competition. We lost the first 2rounds in the group stage and so we were gg-ied then. No luck, we were close to the top 16 but we failed to make it through.

Our ah tau twisted her ankles, drawing so many juniors' attention, one followed by another to take picture with her. lolz.

A final picture of the day - The vb noobs with qris' juniors and the coach -

Im totally noob in volleyball but i enjoy playing it very much. I have looked up some vb jargon :

Ace : A serve which lands in the receiving team's court without being touched by the receiving team, or one that is touched by only one member of the receiving team, and is not passed legally back over the net.

Cut / Cut shot : An attack with an extreme angle (nearly parallel to the net).

Chizzy: After an attack, the ball is forced off the blockers' hands, resulting in a kill.

Dig : A defensive contact following an opponent's attack resulting in a playable ball.

D.S. : The abbreviation for "defensive specialist", a position player similar to the libero.

Dump : A surprise attack usually executed by a front row setter to catch the defense off guard; many times executed with the left hand, sometimes with the right, aimed at the donut or area 4 on the court.

Free ball : A ball that is passed over the net because an attack wasn't possible.

Spike : When an offensive player attacks the ball with a one-arm motion done over the head, attempting to get a kill.

Revealed to you today -

THE first 11 Birds from VB (VEGEBIRDS)...

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