Sunday, February 03, 2008

blog about hsemates!

Since the day kw's fren came to our unit, we started to get addicited with card games before + after cooking session. The cards were left over by kw, not intentionally but by mistake, of coz.

It is a very special deck of cards from paris!! Notice 1, R, D, V instead of A, K, Q, J?

We dont play cho dai di, we dont play black jack, we dont play bluff.


It is one activity to bring all 8 of us together. As we have 2 decks of cards. LOLZ.

First time cooking NASI LEMAK in glasgow, I mean it, NASI with LEMAK!

IT is a feasting time for the 4 of us!!!! so damn nice!!!! coconut rice with pandan plus fried ikan bilis + peanut with sambal plus boiled eggs plus curry chicken!!!!

My hsemates all refused to take photos wit me. So we ended up with this pic...

Many of us sit for pp3 resit 2wks ago. Results is not out yet. Qris made us this coffee-waffle-chocolate-rockymountain-like-cake on that night after pp3. P stands for PASS! THANK YOU!

* praying hard *

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