Friday, February 01, 2008

2nd Hse Inspection - PASSED

H3 was inspected yesterday. Just after 5mins when we reached unit (20+ of us decided to ponteng mini symposium class after 1hr plus), the Village office staff came with a bright smile.

After 10 - 15mins of inspection, we were given 3certs, as shown below.

The one on the top indicated that we have passed. While the bottom 2 indicated where we have gone wrong with the unit's cleanliness. Jian, hsheong n i KAP SAT her during the inspection, and so she gave us some comment and eventually told us not to be so worried --> "dont worry, u guys did NOT BAD!!" arrrghh. not bad only merh? @_@ the first time was like " wow, everything is perfect.....blah blah blah...."

U see how much efforts we spent to clean the unit larh.....

However, our "over-smart-curi-idea" effort of wrapping the stove with aluminium foil failed. It is not allowed to cover them with aluminium foil. There goes our FIRST cross X!

Our living room seemed perfect, all thks to the new 'henry' i mentioned in the previous post.

And this one really deserve alot of praises lorh.....

Although the first time was much more satisfied, but we were still awarded a "passed" certificate, afterall who cares? :)

First cleaning back in October 07' ...

Whhhhheeeeee ~

In the end, i requested a pic with the staff :) She said to me that she has worked here for almost 10years, she has been asked several strange questions throughout the year, but this is actually the first time a student requested her a pic afta inspection! -_______-"


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