Friday, January 11, 2008

smorty = nike

Smorty rocks!!

Im in smorty since 2months ago and it is really cool. This is how much that i can get... wahhahaha!!!

1 smorty post
1 le coq sportif long sleeve tee
1 le coq sportif hoody

2 smorty post = 2 nike hoody

3 smorty post = 1 nike jacket

They will really pay u! min 6USD each entry and the max i received was 8.40USD/blog.

I have wrote 5 this week. which means smorty actually bought me all these!!! :)

There is this sport house throwing off each piece of their material 50% off minimum @ agrylle street, besides gap kids and opposite carphone warehouse. If you like nike, reebox, addidas, umbro etc den u better pay a visit asap. It claims that it will be closing down soon (since a month ago), but today i have confirmed with the staffs again, and the response was 'we will be closing down in a couple of weeks, probably 1-2wks.

10 more days to pp3 resit...


yieng said...

how to get in smorty la? they need this ranking in google or something right? very troublesome la..

ti3nD said...

jus follow the faq part, n of coz, u can get my opinions n tips pesonally from skype/msn/wait till u see me this june.