Wednesday, January 09, 2008

JBC's got talent

is the most powerful survival skills in glasgow here.

It isnt just about the ordinary cooking for each and every meal, but it is about the hidden talent in each of us.

Revealed to you here today - jbc's got talent in cooking...

~ The many varieties of food prepared for birthday celebrations ~

Be prepared, they have potentials in owning a cake shop next to your pharmacy in future...

~ the old favourite chocolate banana for uncle lim~

~ he won by his creativity ... ;p ~

~cheese cake by cpl ~

~ ice-cream cheese cake by ming ying ~

~ alot of efforts for makign the cake, another story behind it. lolz. ~

~ she deserved a place here, becos her courage
was definitely worth a million of praises here! ~

~ rocky road by the famous apple crumbles maker ;p ~

The most recent discovery from jbc...

~ nuo mi chicken ~

~ minced pork porridge with eggs n nuts~

~ a simple 'gei ji' water managed to come out to my blog,

big story behind it mah XD ~

~ second attempt of making cheese cake ~

~ grilled chicken wings @block H3 ~

13 days to pp3 resit...

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