Monday, January 14, 2008

ang moh lui shi, again!

Lets see, 1,2,3,4,5,6!!!! it was already the 6th time fire alarm rang in jbc and made all of us stood out there in freaking cold weather.

1st time - back to the very 2nd day when we arrived in jbc, law phuay phern was the FIRST white mouse (people only hate black mouse, so white mouse is okay) of malaysian students living in jbc. (that time is summer, so only all 110 of us staying in jbc) + (we were all NOOB back then, when fire alarm rang, we just ran out of the building, as this is what we taught to do since young...)


2nd time - somewhere in the middle of sem6, FMT STERILE LAB was on fire!!!! I have no idea whose fault was that. That time my gp was in pp3 dispensary, we ran down n waited outside the building while waiting for the fire bridgate to arrive. Some of them like yeoh hee sheong and darren wang were still wearing the sterile suits n they came out just like that too! and one of them(staying below my floor) managed to curi the suit n wore it to halloween party lerh! LOLZ. So, obviously they feel colder than us who wore formal long sleeves clothes. I remembered we tried to form a circle to generate heat while waiting for the fire fighters to check out the problems. In the end, we were evacuated (Cun i used this word becoz it was freaking cold ooutside that time) and got to hide in the library for sometime.


3rd time - The fire caused by overheating of A POTATOE in a griller. Award winners goes to jessyca n rinoa this time!! congrats. @___@

then again,

4th time - The fire alarm rang again somewhere in beginning of autumn back in october. DENG. By this time, the weather has turned to somewhere like 8-10 degrees. So who was the one to be remembered for fire alarm this time - Desmond Chong from H1. -____- "

OKIE FINE. After so many incidents, everybody will be very cautious in heating up stuffs by then. We are very worried to cause fire alarm during the winter, especially during night time becoz if u are the so called award winner, i bet u will kena cursed by hundreds over of malaysians plus many of ang mohs.


5th time - YESTERDAY - ard 2pm - While i was almost done bathing, the fire alarm rang! DENGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! @___@ NOW IS WINTER DY FINALLY. And the temperature outside ranges from -4 degrees to 4degrees. I dashed to my room, quickly got myself dried, wore a long pants, n grabbed my thick winter jacket before heading out of the building. We have to get out of the building quickly, if not we will get fine. See, people are getting smarter, we will grab our jacket before making any move. And you know wat, some even put on their scarfs, caps, gloves like picnic outside jbc? walao eh! @_@ this time, the fault was to the ang moh from block G. Ang moh lui shi for the first time!

and bad things jus never seem to stop......

6th time - TODAY. NIGHT TIME ard 9.40pm, RAINING. We were having pp3 discussion in the living room. SO as a procedure, walked to the room, wore long pants, grabbed jacket and walked out of the building n waited for the fire bridgate to arrive. Unlucky ones spotted - chin su may and uncle lim were half way bathing. lolz. And congrats again, cos this time, ANG MOH LUI shi, AGAIN. lolz.

to all my frens and readers, anyone can sponsor me some pics during any fire alarm incidents arh?????? Thanks :)

hav a nice week ahead, bah. monday is alwayz a bad day to start. fight for it, lets hope it is not.

7more days to pp3 resit.....

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