Saturday, December 01, 2007

its jus the beginning, more to come...


present you with....

OUR BIG DAY! haha... this entire post is only for my soh poh n myself...

~ a tiny light from a candle is constantly keeping us to be strong ~

~ nothing is more valuable than having you in my life, soh poh! ~
~ finally i decided not to give u flowers for this time, but with many loveable little thingies ~

~ all urs! ;) ~
AND i get to see my gift too ;p
~ a limited edition sporty type seiko watch... ~

sah poh, Even if one day there is no more sun in this world, our love shall still continue to grow like nobody's business. It grows strongly in our own world. Day by day, we miss each other more and more. true enuf, although we are apart from distance, but not by heart. Stay strong with me k, love ya alwiz alwiz alwiz! XoXo! :)

happie ONE year anni to us ;)

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