Saturday, December 08, 2007

happy 23rd burfday PURE pink lady...

Just let it stream n load bah - 47 pics plus video... GILA!

There u go, happie 23rd burfday...

~ the one who made the cake revealed himself on that nite....

At 1150pm, some of us gathered at J5. We purposely waited for 20mins before moving one floor above for the surprise.

wait wait wait, do u rmb the simson from the xmas tree?


~ u are right, i was in the SS' hse!!!! wow... ~

dont dare to take too many pics..scared kena sue larh.. @@

Next, we went up as planned....

AND this is what we saw....

~ a gal who claimed to sleep soon on sms reply,

actually TIED her hair nicely n waited for ppl to come pulak? ~

~ seemed happy... ~

~ make a wish - i wanna look like 23 when i hit 46 later!!

( cos 2cakes = 46yrs old lerh ) ~

ini video curi from ss queen wan...

gals like this alot - take picture! - seriously ALOOOTTTT!

and finally, its BATANGs' turn...

Something that i spotted about my HSEMATES...

~ jian is deadly tired, HS N VY are doing something secretly!!!!!

did i take this? or ss ppl take this?? ~

And thks to Ss hsemates, we hav managed to get the bd gal BLIND FOLDED...

~ sm : how many fingers are there?

bd gal : hei hei de, wo shen me dou kan bu dao!! ~

~ that is HENRY! ~

~ and then duno how she was wrapped by bin bag pulak... ~

and then, the MOLEST GAME started... (get all 3things - hair band from yannee, cap from wmeng, and spec from hui hoon)

~ hav a touch on the typical batang + balls... ~

and finally she managed to get all....

It was ended in a way similar to orientation, where everyone left silently, leaving the bd gal alone.... n when she realised and unfolded, nobody else was there liao! lolz.

THE NEXT DAY, POT LUCK session for 7 houses ++ ...

~ tiramisu cake from kah yee n vyeaw... becoming expert soon... ;p ~
~ Awesome combination of food - ku lou pork fr wm's unit, grilled chicken wings from darren's unit, tomyam fried rice plus chicken nuggets from my unit, kung po chicken from SS hse, wantanS fr qris' unit, curry chicken from xiao kah yee's unit, potatoes from ah bao, sheppard's pie from pfhern, tiramisu cake from kah yie and sai mai lou from wj! ~

A little surprise was given to wj again after the dinner...
all thks to her AH MOI - xiao xiao kah yie~

~ tada........ ~
~ Some handwritten notes from US! ~~ MORE.... ~
~ n more.... ~

And here comes the TOP's 5 from my personal opinion,
without rankings...

~ madam lim!!! but which LIM?!! ~

~ this one was laminated pulak... ~

~ great design huh? ~

~ what a good art work! ~ ~ prawn crackers' plastic bag from EASTERN TREAT! ~

and last but not least, a penguin is being detained in one of the room, he/she is about 1.3m tall!!!!

Full album available on facebook :


hav a great weekend peeps!

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Pei Ling said...


I helped to make that Tiramisu cake also lor!!! Why my name was conveniently left out?? I consider beating eggs and cream together a very tough job lor... XD