Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Blair announced a really good news for us after the presentation session - there will be NO LAB until january!! means NO LAB TOMORROW. save 9 hrs of lab to study + Zzzping = YipppeeEee! ;)

There will be a pp3 resit feedback session for us this thurday. FINALLY. The unlucky ones get to see their mistakes that they have made in the degree paper back in august. I am really keen to look at my own mistakes cos i really duno why i failed. Hopefully, julien johnson can give us a big helping hands this time as there are some changes in our mep!

Smorty works!

i have received the correct amount of money in my rbs bank last friday.
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And if anyone of you did sign up student focus (it was posted on SPIDER back in october) - the nationwide survey of final year of university student and did the same survey as what hs and i did, GOOD! cos they have paid us 10pounds to our bank too. Unbelieveable huh?

and for my lou poh,

It wasnt your wrong at all. Your pms bad mood plus my exam strees are the causes that i shall blamed. It is really sweet of you of getting me a nice T today. Sorry for turning you down the past few days. my mistakes. love ya, alwiz!

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