Sunday, December 23, 2007

dong zhi - winter solstice

HE CAN COOK. He is Sebastian, from poland. I stil remembered on the second day when we worked, we thought he is the chef and so we greet him nicely, but then he responded with 'im also the same standard like you guys, today is my first day of job here also!!!' -_-" This is eastern treat larh, everybody jus get kononnya 'training' for one time, den second day or the first day second hour you can be the main chef there liao. okay back to the story, today i have tasted the BEST CURRY from eastern treats over the 2months!!!! it was thick n niCE! boiled rice with curry chicken with prawns + regular fanta = my lunch ;) today was a busy day also, managed to make 1972 pounds! Dont play play.

~Best curry ever,
as usual, I managed to tapao some for my hsemates... ~

I was really tired after my work at 7.10pm. but with my strong will, i dashed out to look for xmas gifts before the shop close.

~ i managed to get this for my boss from eastern treats,

yeoh kim darren n i shared them,

the other 2 ah mois baked cookies for him liao... ~

I was then told that we are having a pot-luck today when i came back. 4hses pot luck for dong zhi. Let me recap - prawns, chips, chicken satay, n curry chicken from ET, nam yu bacon from wjiun n hse, cheese steamed rice from kw n hse, fried mee hun duno from who, fried rice duno from who (my next house hsemates bah), coffee chicken from pei ling, tong yuen from many ppl,vege duno from who, zhi mah wu from chef qristine (ish!! she can really cook alot of thing - her mum told me this SUMORE!), n most importantly, 5flavors chicken from jian n vyeaw ;)

My hsemates gona get this from me when they wake up tmr ;)

Single n available from block H3-4....

And i got this for my sah poh...

Ejie n gang going italy tmr. While my gang and I are going to london tmr at 6.30am. will be away from 23th -26th dec. Safe and fun trip pls!

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