Friday, October 26, 2007

uncle lim's 22nd burfday...

23 oct, tues

At 12midnight, we celebrated wm's 22nd bd at my unit. qris n hsemates made a choc banana cake for him. as usual, tasks were given on his big day. First, he was requested to call mimi. he hang up afta 3consecutive ringing sound. most probably she is asleep. then the next target was elaine. she was scraed by his sudden 'ohm' of ajaking her to go swimming here in glasgow (they were swimming mates in imu last time).

next duno who came out with the idea of 'plain staring' btwn wm n wjiun, jian played the song twice with a perfect repetition so that they both get really paiseh. by the way, the distance was really close, it wasnt shown here, it was like 5cm gap nia. lolz.

~ opps! spotted below !!! smiling in sweetness.... ~

The next day, we have an outing at the counting house @ george square. i had a mixed grilled with stella aquios beer for 6.99pounds...

a sad news from msia, uncle lim (the founder of genting passed away on wednesday morning).
he was the third richest in Asia, with a net worth of US$4.3bil (RM14.6bil).
for more info, click here

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