Saturday, October 20, 2007

he is really great!

So far, this is the only workshop that could actually captured my attention for a full 1and a half hours. It was about the cpp workshop regarding the simvastation journal.

Almost all of my friends complained on yesterday about how terrible the workshop was. They said they didnt learn much and they were told to do presentation slides plus presentation in that short time, where each gp was ordered to tackle 3questions. BUT he is really great! He broke the 16quesions down to 4parts. And he gave us 10mins to discuss 4questions each time, followed by a 10mins discussion, where he actually repeated the right answers a few times before he proceed to the next one.

so why would he deserved a big praise here? simply, becos he is really great!

i will try my best to enjoy ur tutorial on next friday...

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