Sunday, October 14, 2007

happie burfday alebugger!

9th Oct, tues

Skipped the only one hour class to work@hampden park with hsheong, jian n qris. we were so lucky to get the same job in that morning. I had experienced the longest hours of working today - 11hrs with 2x15mins break! wow.. it wasnt bad - we had chicken breast for lunch and dominos pizza for dinner (after i requested a short break from the supervisor) hehe.. reached jbc at about 11.20pm that night. quickly take a shower n we went over to kim's place to give him a so called burfday surprise. (The cake was placed in the toilet, n the rest of us hid in the kitchen, while darren asked kim hoe to check the 'weird thing' in the toilet...)

~ there u go.....surprise on the toilet bowl (creative idea from ejay) ~

~ darren failed to call him out.... ~

~ so our boss 'chuk mah'..... with another lame excuse.... ~

~ and finally...~

~ kim said ' xie xie, xie xie!' ~

~ puuuuhhhhhhh ~
~ dia dan dia punya rumah kakiS ~

~ with da gals ~

~ kakiS ~

~ with 'weapons' .... ~

~ still..... ~

~ showing good sign? its hard wei.... ~

>> jian is MIA (missing in action) cos he was sick. he came back earlier from work that day with qris.

The next day, we had pot luck. Each house prepared one dish n we gathered for the dinner. Didnt get to snap any pic tat night. Did anyone actually take any pics?? Only manage to take this pic for promotion though...lolz...

~ itu hardwork from mr n mrs lau!woooooww... fruit cake for bugger! it was nice! ~

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