Tuesday, October 02, 2007

4months after living in jbc....

3 oct, tues

I skipped the first lecture this morning n went for NI interview. Reached there 45mins early than the appointment time -_-" anyway, it wasnt an interview, there will be one staff to assist u to fill in some forms n to photocopy your relevant documents - thats it! i took a cab from hope street which cost me 3pounds n i jogged back after the interview. u can actually take subway to bridge street station or try to look up for buses to go there.

Then, i went to bluearrow n chatted with steph for quite some time. I clarified my pay n tax deduction with her. Only at this time , i realised that my pay from hampden is actualy missing too. I used the word 'too' becos my FIRST pay from hamilton is still missing. So, she wrote another email, infront of me (just like what robert did 3wks ago @_@), n regarding on hamilton, she claimed that she wrote to the person incharge several times before i came to see her today. -_-"

The living room of jbc Block H3 + Block J2.

The top pic was taken during the first day when we arrived in jbc.
The one below was taken last night. @______________@

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