Thursday, May 25, 2006

movie review : Over The Hedge

Over The Hedge

Classification: U
Genre: Animation
General Release: 19 May 2006
Running Time: 1 Hour 23 Minutes
Distributed by: United International Pictures
Starring: Bruce WillisGary ShandlingSteve CarellAvril LavigneEugene LevyNick NolteCatherine O'HaraWanda Sykes
Director: Tim JohnsonKarey Kirkpatrick

Star Ratings:
Overall - 3.5 stars
Cast -3.5 stars
Plot - 3.0 stars
Effects - 4 stars
Cinematography - 3 stars

"Over the Hedge" may not be ground breaking stuff given that stories about animals having to pay the price for human progress are old hat. But visually, it's stunning and it's lighthearted and fun, and that's what's most important. As an entertainment, it's well worth its ticket price so don't worry, you'll get 'over the hedge' with this one, laughing right along with the kids from its very colourful start to its very satisfying finish!!!!

* was giving us a big laughter afta getting my sem4 results!

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