Sunday, April 13, 2008

My taiko

YOoooo WatsSs up?

You guys must really call this baby boy to be your taiko larh - he has just got every potentials to be one.

After searching in my external hardisk, i found my kindergarden pic and would like to share it here. After all, blogging is all about sharing mah. (though it is really personal larh, only my famiy members seen it before okay)

That is the time when i graduated from my kindergarden. Arrrgh, 24 more days to finals and 20th of june will be a really BIG day for my life.


Guys, Britain's got talent is back again on stv!!!! wooOhoooo..

Last year's winner - Paul Potts deserved his place to be the champion of year 2007 with his powerful voice.

And this year, there is this andrew, 13 years old school boy from manchester, who has a strong-powerful-high voice too. Might he be the winner for this year?

Dont miss the great show, Catch them @ stv every saturday night at 8.05pm!

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